"Fu-fuyukai desu !"

heyy I'm a little french girl named lou-anne, nice to meet you ! i'm 17 years old and i love japanese stuff, manga & anime, vocaloid, etc... i like drawing, writing and singing (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) this is my tumblrfezfezhifhzuehfz and i post some drawings, kagepro, shuuenpro, manga & anime and stuffs, plus some art etc :)+ i really love kagepro, cute shojo like hiyokoi, my friends and my waifu /love love love



Mina-san ohayooo

Today I’m leaving for 4 weeks ! I’m going with Amélie, a friend :D 

But I won’t be able to use my phone… So I hope I’ll have magicaluu wifi ! But I don’t think so…

Anyway… I’m really sad because I won’t talk with you guys… For 4 weeks ! It’s very lonnnng ;___;

So I wanted to draw something. But I ruined everyone’s :D ! Really, I love you, all of you and I’m sorry for yesterday…

And I hope those who were depressed are cheerful today !

Bye friends !